C++ benchmark – std::vector VS std::list

December 5, 2012 Marc Gregoire General

Here is an interesting article that compares the performance of std::vector with the performance of std::list in various use case scenarios (using a C++11 compiler). It’s an interesting read. Some people will not expect the results. I’m not going to spoil the conclusion, just a quick look at the graphs in the article should tell […]


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The Future of C++

November 6, 2012 Marc Gregoire General

Herb Sutter’s talk about The Future of C++ is now available on Channel9. If you are interested in C++, you should watch it. A the same time, he announced a couple of major things related to C++: Interest and investment in C++ continues to accelerate across the software world. ISO C++ standardization is accelerating. Major […]


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Belgian Windows 8 Developer Day

March 6, 2012 Marc Gregoire Events

23rd of March is the Belgian Windows 8 Developer Day. Subscribe to the day-track to immerse, and the night-track to start building. Totally free… totally Windows 8. Join the first Windows 8 Developer Day in Belgium! A full day conference with technical sessions that dive into the platform for building Windows 8 Metro Style apps. […]


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