Know your tools: speed comparison between C++ compilers

November 11, 2013 Francisco Almeida General

As compilers continuously evolve, developers have new expectations on compilation speed, generated code performance and standards compliance. Slashdot has published their own benchmarks that pit Intel C++, G++ and LLVM Clang against each other. The benchmark is tailored to modern C++ development needs and involves code using both the TBB and the Cilk Plus parallel processing libraries. Quite […]



ISO C++ evolving faster than before

May 20, 2013 Francisco Almeida General

The ISO C++ 2011 standard was a very exciting (and on some of its features, controversial) development for the language, up until when it was finalized and approved. There was hope, though not without some skepticism, that the standard would evolve at a faster pace in the future. Fast forward to May 2013, and what […]



CppDepend Now Free for C/C++ Open Source Project Contributors

March 14, 2013 Marc Gregoire General

To thank the open source community for their big efforts in delivering useful applications and libraries for free, CppDepend has been made free for C/C++ open source project contributors. This is a Pro license which allows you to: Improve the code base quality. Help new contributors to understand the existing code base. Automate the code […]


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Good Things(tm) come to those who wait: the current status on C++ Modules

December 6, 2012 Francisco Almeida General

This news comes straight from Modules – by Doug Gregor, Apple This video concerns the latest proposal from the Clang team, and it definitely is very interesting for those of us looking forward to the next C++ standard (which could become a reality as soon as 2014, rather than 2017, by the way). Modules […]



C++ benchmark – std::vector VS std::list

December 5, 2012 Marc Gregoire General

Here is an interesting article that compares the performance of std::vector with the performance of std::list in various use case scenarios (using a C++11 compiler). It’s an interesting read. Some people will not expect the results. I’m not going to spoil the conclusion, just a quick look at the graphs in the article should tell […]


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The Future of C++

November 6, 2012 Marc Gregoire General

Herb Sutter’s talk about The Future of C++ is now available on Channel9. If you are interested in C++, you should watch it. A the same time, he announced a couple of major things related to C++: Interest and investment in C++ continues to accelerate across the software world. ISO C++ standardization is accelerating. Major […]


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Follow Us On Twitter

February 22, 2012 Marc Gregoire General

You can now follow the Belgian C++ Users Group on Twitter: Follow @becppug


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How to become a member?

February 13, 2012 Marc Gregoire General

We don’t yet have an official Users Group member registration process. For the time being, if you would like to become a member of the Belgian C++ Users Group, just send an email to .


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Changes to the C++ AMP Specification

February 11, 2012 Marc Gregoire General

Starting with Visual C++ 11 Beta, there will be a few small changes to the C++ AMP specification compared to the C++ AMP in the Visual C++ 11 Developer Preview. Tamer Afify from the C++ AMP team explains it as follows in his blog post: “In the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, C++ AMP had […]


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