November, 2012

Windows App Day on November 23rd

November 7, 2012 Marc Gregoire Events

Microsoft is organizing a Windows App Day on November 23rd, officially described as follows: Don’t miss the first Windows App Day, packed with national and international speakers to talk about App Development, User Experience and Design. Our speakers are all actively working on apps and ready to share learnings and best practices. Your App Day […]


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Visual C++ November CTP, now with more C++11

November 6, 2012 Marc Gregoire Microsoft

As promised, Microsoft is releasing out-of-band updates for Visual C++. A preview of the first such update has now been released as the November 2012 Compiler CTP. This is a Customer Technology Preview and does not come with a ‘Go Live’ license, but it allows you to start experimenting and testing new features, and to provide […]


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The Future of C++

November 6, 2012 Marc Gregoire General

Herb Sutter’s talk about The Future of C++ is now available on Channel9. If you are interested in C++, you should watch it. A the same time, he announced a couple of major things related to C++: Interest and investment in C++ continues to accelerate across the software world. ISO C++ standardization is accelerating. Major […]


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