Visual C++ November CTP, now with more C++11

November 6, 2012 Marc Gregoire Microsoft

As promised, Microsoft is releasing out-of-band updates for Visual C++. A preview of the first such update has now been released as the November 2012 Compiler CTP. This is a Customer Technology Preview and does not come with a ‘Go Live’ license, but it allows you to start experimenting and testing new features, and to provide […]


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First BeCPP UG Meeting Planned

February 22, 2012 Marc Gregoire Events

The Belgian C++ Users Group is planning its first meeting on Tuesday 3rd of April at 18:30 in the Microsoft offices in Zaventem (Leonardo Da vincilaan 3, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium) The agenda will be as follows: Brief introduction to the Users Group Session 1: Writing modern C++ (Marc Gregoire) Break Session 2: Impact of C++11 […]


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GoingNative 2012 Content Available

February 5, 2012 Marc Gregoire Events

GoingNative 2012 was a 48 hour, globally live-streamed technical event for those who push the boundaries of general purpose computing by exploiting the true capabilities of the underlying machine: C++ developers. Distinguished speakers included the creator of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ Standards Committee Chair, Herb Sutter, C++ template and big compute master, Andrei Alexandrescu, STL […]


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