New Book “C++ Standard Library Quick Reference” Now Available

July 2, 2016 Marc Gregoire Book

Peter Van Weert and Marc Gregoire have released a new book titled “C++ Standard Library Quick Reference”, published by Apress. It is available from: Book website Apress Amazon Here is the abstract: This quick reference is a condensed reference guide to the essential data structures, algorithms, and functions provided by the C++ Standard Library. Used […]



Book “Bonnes pratiques et erreurs à éviter (en C++)”

March 7, 2014 Marc Gregoire Book

Recently a new book was released about best practices and errors to avoid in C++. The book is in French. Here is the French description: Développer une application peut rapidement devenir un enfer si vous n’avez pas anticipé certaines difficultés et fait les bons choix au moment de sa conception. Ce livre vous aidera à […]



Kate’s C++ AMP Book

October 3, 2012 Marc Gregoire Book

Kate Gregory (a fellow VC++ MVP) has published her book called “C++ AMP: Accelerated Massive Parallelism with Microsoft Visual C++”. The official description is as follows. Capitalize on the faster GPU processors in today’s computers with the C++ AMP code library—and bring massive parallelism to your project. With this practical book, experienced C++ developers will […]


2 C++ AMP,

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